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What is wedi?

Wedi offers a product system consisting of shower floor elements with integrated drainage, tile backer/wall panels, curb and seat structures, wall niches, sealants, and many more accessories. wedi products can be combined to create a complete installation kit to build a fully waterproofed shower that can then be tiled over. Nothing else is needed between your home’s framing structure and the tiled finish surface. wedi shower systems are highly customizable despite the high level of prefabrication, are clean to work with, and fast to install. 

wedi Fundo® Shower Base

The original wedi Fundo® shower base. These robust, pre-sloped, waterproof shower floor bases come with a wedi® Fundo Click and Seal® Drain unit. You can select one of our square wedi Premium drain cover options to fit the preferred design. 

Key features:  

  • Multiple base sizes and extensions available- all customizable on-site, if needed.

  • Square and rectangular base options with center or off-center point drain locations.

  • Slope design allows for use of small- or large-format tile when cut along slope lines.

  • Installed over various types of subfloors.

wedi Fundo® Linear Shower Base

These presloped and waterproof shower bases come with an integrated linear drain channel and wedi® Fundo Click and Seal® Drain unit. You can select one of our linear wedi Premium drain cover options to fit the preferred design.

Key features: 

  • Linear Shower base: single piece base featuring a 4-way slope design and level perimeter for safe recessing into a subfloor construction.

  • Linear Shower Module consists of two components: line drain module and extension module, featuring a one-way slope with close to wall drain placement.

wedi® Fundo Click and Seal® Drain System

Available now!

Our new Fundo Click and Seal® wedi drain continues the successful performance of our previously used drain technology by ensuring safe performance over time, and offering added simplicity in assembly. The new wedi® “Fundo Click and Seal®” drain allows us to offer one drain and installation process that fits all our Fundo designs.

wedi® Shower Niches

wedi prefabricated shower niches are fabricated from wedi® 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) Building Panels for strength, and come in seven different size options to fit every shower necessity. wedi shower niches install quickly, safely, and integrate flush
into the wall panel assembly with wedi fasteners and wedi® Joint Sealant. Shelves, included in some models, are flexible and can be installed exactly where they best fit the design.

A variety of drain covers in different styles and finishes

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