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Silestone Kitchen Countertops

Design, durability, and hygiene

High resistance to stains and knocks. Endless color possibilities to suit all kitchen styles.

Silestone® is a low-silica mineral surface composed of premium minerals and recycled materials.

Its revolutionary Hybriq+® technology effectively reduces crystalline silica content, resulting in an innovative, sustainable, and high-performance mineral surface.

Silestone Countertop Benefits
Silestone high scratch resistance
Silestone stain resistant
Silestone high impact resistance
Silestone Maintenance

Silestone’s high compaction and hybrid composition consisting of premium minerals, quartz, and recycled materials makes it highly resistant to stains, preventing them from penetrating the surface and making daily cleaning easy and quick.

Silestone Warranty

Silestone: 25-year warranty

Silestone surfaces offer unique advantages and properties in terms of aesthetics, functionality and technical features. For this reason, Silestone provides a 25 year warranty.

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